Intuitive Altars


Like many practitioners of the Craft, I prefer to have an outside altar whenever possible; a mossy tree stump, a clearing of earth amongst the trees or a beautiful meadow (all of which I am most fortunate to have at hand locally) For me, performing Magick and ritual outside is as natural as breathing, but there are times when it is not always possible to do so and an indoor altar is called for. I have many altars in my home and garden, ranging from small to elaborate and they change frequently according to the seasons and my own personal taste. 

My altars are where I cast my spells, they are where I work with herbs and resins, they are a place to inscribe candles, to converse with Deity, to divine and to send healing, but most of all, they are a reflection of me……of my Magick, of my path and the work that I do. The most permanent altar in my home is above my wood burning stove and to visitors in my home it most likely looks to them, nothing more than a few ornaments and candles on a fire place. In reality the tree shaped triple candle holder honours deity……the Maiden, Mother and Crone and the Boy, the Father and Sage and in being a tree shape it represents the Earth. I have a hand carved wooden apple infused with magickal herbs, a pewter faery, an onyx egg, a storm lantern, silver candle snuffer and a divination mirror that hangs above adorned with various protective talismans, amulets and bells.

While I honour the traditions of the craft, and understand and teach to others the need for ritual and tradition, I truly believe that your own intuition should and must be called upon and what simpler way to test this out, than starting with an intuitive altar.

Give it a whirl……your efforts may truly surprise you.

Love and blessings.      

                                                                                                         Hagatha )O( 



I call upon the powers of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars,

I call upon the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water,

The spirits of ALL that have passed and those yet to come.

To the Gods and Goddesses, Ancient and Young,

Come, hear my song.

Come see my view.

Bless me now, as I bless you.


The Vernal Equinox ~ Ostara ~ Eostre ~ Alban Eiber


Spring tides are rising high
Life cycles turning
Bursts of energy make magic fly
Rebirth is the learning

As March swiftly passes us by I find myself planning many things for this week; to begin with there is the upcoming celestial event that occurs, on Friday, the solar eclipse which will take place on the Vernal Equinox, Ostara. The Moon obscuring the Sun, blocking out its rays, I see this personally, as the perfect time to cut ties with old habits, to block out all which no longer serves me. Spring is here and new growth emerges, new growth that sprouts from the Earth and myself and those around me.

Ostara or Eostre is one of only a few Sun Goddesses who was worshiped by our ancient Anglo Saxon ancestors, she brings with her the thriving light of Spring and everything that is touched by Eostre changes. We hear the welcoming song of the birds, we see the budding of and sprouting of new life everywhere we look……renewal……regeneration……rebirth!


The young God, born at the Winter Solstice is growing fast and strong. He is playful, changeable and mischievous, he sees the world with innocent and clear eyes and dances with nature, learning and watching the Earth awake from her long sleep as he does. Foxes, deer, snakes and boars accompany the young God as he explores the new life that the warmth of Spring brings, soon it will be time for him to court the Maiden Goddess, but for now, it is his time to play and be wild and free.

Associations of Ostara                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Animals: Rabbits, hares, birds, chicks and snakes

Colours: Yellow, green, white and pink

Foods: Biscuits, cakes, honey, cheese, ham and eggs

Herbs and Incense: Lemon, meadowsweet, catnip, benzoin, clover and honeysuckle

Crystals: Moonstone, rose quartz, citrine



A Tale of Two Witches

We, as in Heidi Tempest and Hagatha Ember decided to begin this blog so we can share a wealth of information, views and general musings to you, the Pagan, Mystic and Spiritual community.

Both Hagatha and I are Witches with experience (not certificates) of the craft, we pretend to be no-one else but ourselves.

We encourage you to reply to our posts and hope you don’t find them mundane.

Much love, light and blessings

      Heidi and Hagatha